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Postby Lycraloversrock » Mon May 18, 2009 8:43 pm

She stood up and turned to face him. He couldn't believe his luck. Standing in front of him was a shiny, black, shadow like figure of what was the woman he had met only a few minutes before.
"How do you feel?" he asked. Emma didnt reply straight away, she was still trying to come to terms with what had happened. She had never been comfortable enough to be in the same room as someone when wearing her zentai with the hood down, let alone totally encased in her tight shiny zentai. However, it felt comfortable to her. "Great" she replied, with a nervous quivver tone too her voice. As she said this her inhibitions let go and Steve was treated to the sight of her lycra encased body in all its glory for the first time, as her robe dropped off her smooth covered shoulders to her feet.
"So do you like what you see?" asked Emma. Steve tried to answer but words failed to come out of his mouth due to pure excitement and disbelief. "Now its your turn!" said Emma and slowly made her way across the room towards Steve. He didnt move. He was stuck to the spot like a rabbit caught in the headlights of oncomming traffic. His heart was beating so fast he could feel the veins throbbing in his temples as she so delicately pulled the hood over his face. He felt that familiar comforting feeling of the zentai becoming one with his body. She pulled the two zips together and the transformation was complete......
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Postby randomsource » Wed May 20, 2009 1:06 am

“I have never felt so one with the zentai. Without you sharing this moment, it was just a piece of fabric. With you, I am complete” gushed Steve.
“Oh Steve, we were made for each other. I don’t want to ever let this feeling go”, a panting Emma exclaimed.
“Wait, let us remember this moment”, said Steve as he fumbled through his top dresser drawer looking for his digital camera. “You don’t mind do you?”
“Not at all, it would be great to do a photo session, before getting down to business”, giggled Emma. “Cool”, panted Steve, his heart continuing to race a mile-a-minute. He found the camera, and next to the camera, he found two small padlocks that he used to lock up his stuff when he went to the campus gym.
“Ah, here’s the camera. To make this even more exciting, take this padlock, and lock me in so that I am forever at your beck and call”, said Steve.
“Oh, you like a little kink with your zentai”, said Emma. “I’m game”. She was so excited, she almost dropped the padlock. Click went the lock on Steve’s suit. “Now hurry up, and do me”, she said.
Steve obliged , secured Emma and added one more element of surprise. “Give me the keys. I’m going to put them in the ice tray, so that we will be bound to each other for the rest of the night”. “Sounds yummy”, Emma said.
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Postby Zentai Boy » Wed May 20, 2009 2:36 pm

Steve rushed off to the kitchen, where he dropped the two tiny keys into the ice tray, he shuddered in excitment, realising he was truly going to be encased in lycra for quite some time.

He darted back to his room to find Emma fiddling with the padlock, making sure she was locked in tight. He held out his hand, covered in lycra and she joined. As their two covered hands met, both felt their bodies tense as the realisation of what was happening was almost too much.

He led her to the bed where she lay down and began stroking her spandex clad face and body. He was about to climb on top when she stopped and instructed him to wait.

"I want you to watch me" she exclaimed.

"O..Ok.." Steve stuttered.

She continued to stroke her tightly covered body working her arms all over, allowing her arms to freely glide over her breasts and thighs. Her hands began to waver to between her thighs as Steve could feel himself becoming hard under his lycra covered suit. It felt so exciting to finally see a girl in zentai before his eyes. The anticipation was killing him.

"Come here," she said...
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Postby ilraptoro » Mon Dec 28, 2009 10:05 pm

Steve started to mimic her movements with his hands and within minutes Emma started to moan with pleasure as he stroked his hands over her spandex-clad body moving up and down her thighs, buttocks and bosoms.

She then started to put her hands on his spandex-clad frame, with him oohing and aahing with pleasure, amongst his thighs, chest and butt.

Within minutes, Steve had started to improvise where he put his hands, and Emma started to feel aroused in parts of her body that she didn't think they would be. He then slowly felt for the crotch zipper and started to unzip it. She immediately knew where he was headed and didn't stop him, thinking,“This is the man of my dreams."

She also felt him for his crotch zipper and started to unzip it, when she finished, his unit was exposed and was getting stiffer with each passing minute. She gently touched it and felt a tingling sensation, anticipating what will come next.

Knowing that this kind of thing can get a girl pregnant, he said “I got some condoms in the nightstand, why don't you put one on me?"? Without another word, Emma grabbed one, opened it up and rolled it on his unit, giggling all the way.

The next thing they knew, they were both experiencing the ecstasy of each other's bodies connected, groaning with pleasure. Hours pass by and there was a release of finality, both were exhausted and lying next to each other in bed.
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Postby cruiserchris » Mon Sep 26, 2011 9:15 pm

The next morning, though still exhausted, Emma opened her eyes and saw that Steve was still sleeping. The early morning sunlight streaming through the windows cast a radiant shimmer on their still-encased spandex bodies. Emma decided to gently wake Steve up by caressing his smooth, glistening body.

Steve awoke, and together they shared a good-morning kiss through their respective hoods. They both unlocked each other when Emma motioned to Steve to head for the shower. They took off their hoods and turned the water on. Emma gingerly stepped in first, with the lukewarm water gradually soaking her entire spandex body. Steve immediately jumped in and they both caressed each other while water flowed upon their zentai, making it even tighter and see-through.

Both bodies were soaking wet, their wet spandex clinging tightly to their skin. This was one of Steve's fantasies, taking a shower with the girl of his dreams while both of them were wearing zentai; he didn't want these past couple hours to end, but unfortunately, both of them had class soon.
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Postby lycracuda » Tue Sep 27, 2011 1:53 am

Nice addition cruiserchris
Heaven is Zentai for two!
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Postby zentrin » Mon Oct 17, 2011 6:00 pm

Emma and Steve had spent most of the time hugging while in the shower. very slowly and carefully it was like they were swaying in eachothers arms as the held one another close and tightly. Each had placed their head on a shoulder and smiled lovingly lost in time. The steam from the shower had made the room misty fogging up the glass shower door. On the door Emma had taken a finger and written something on it.

* 12:30 Room 135*

"What is this?" Steve had asked.

"Today I have ballet class. I would like for you to come."

"I have yoga at that time though."

"Do you?" Emma asked revealing a loving smile with the warm eyes of her luring him into a trance.

Steve smiled in return. He was utterly charmed by her beauty, and that look she has with her wet hair sleaked down was very sexy to him. Steve then gently put his finger on the glass shower door and spell *I'll be there*

They both smiled warmly embracing eachother, intimately kissing in that hot steamy shower.....
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Postby ALIASSMILE » Thu Nov 10, 2011 12:45 pm

for they have kissed so crazily, unfortunately, Emma felt so bad about her stomach in the midnight. she felt worse and worse and had to got up and rushed to hospital. the doctor said to her this was duo to her old illness of stomach. the doctor also indicated that she will need to stay in hospital for one day……
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Re: The Zentai Story

Postby VtZentai » Mon Aug 29, 2016 3:20 pm

Emma borrowed a pair of sweats to get back to her place and hung her wet zentai over the shower rod to dry, packed her bag for ballet and got dressed for morning classes. As time was short between her last class and ballet, Emma decided to wear her chocolate brown long sleeve unitard under tight jean shorts and a loose fitting top and short top brown leather booties. She loved wearing unitards under her clothes as it was as close to wearing zentai as she could get. Ballet class started and soon Emma spotted Steve in the back of the room. He was wearing what looked like black running tights and a t-shirt and something like an black Under Armor compression shirt under the t-shirt. After ballet was over they went right to Emma's place.
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Re: The Zentai Story

Postby zentaiman19 » Sun Dec 25, 2016 3:33 pm

After they got in Emma told Steve to wait in the living room as she goes over to her bedroom with a smile on her face since she has a special surprise for him. she goes over to her closet to get out a pair of white tights,a purple leotard and some cuffs and bunny ears. Taking off her clothes she got out her black zentai and putting it on then putting the white tights then after it the leotard,cuffs and bunny ears. Afterwards she walked out and presented herself to Steve doing some sexy poses.

"Felt like spicing up our Zentai life a bit sweetie." Emma said with a seductive tone in her voice.

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