Zentai - the original one-piece bodysuit

About Ayus-Zentai

The time has come for us to close the door, draw the curtains and turn off the lights. Ayus Zentai and its predecessor, Suya Zentai, has been around for over 12 years, has seen a lot of good times and hopefully given a lot of people, a lot of pleasure in more ways than one. Since our own launch, we have seen the incredible growth of new media platforms such as Facebook & Twitter, and the inevitable decline in popularity of traditional forum platforms such as this one.

Over the last few years, a lot has changed in the admin teams respective lives – people have moved, kids have been born and mortgages started. Zentai wearing has been replaced with changing diapers, chauffeuring kids around to birthday parties and play-dates, and the more menial tasks of mowing the lawn, painting the house and washing the cars

So, what next... well, we have exciting plans for new group messaging but it is not quite ready. Bear with us, keep an eye on this page and we will be back very soon.

Here because you are developing an interest in Zentai? Zentai suits are full-body, all-in-one bodysuits that cover the body from head to toes to fingers. Catsuits/unitards with attached hoods, feet and gloves. Commonly made from nylon/lycra, Zentai suits are also available in cotton, velour, latex, rubber and PVC coated fabrics. Various options can be added including tails, ears, zips in special places, eye holes... you name it, it has probably been done!

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We are on Twitter - not as active as some, but tweet us @ayuszentai.

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